The Easy Way to Detect Beryllium Using the BeFinder Method

Simple to Use: BeFinder  is based on the widely employed sampling format already used by industrial hygienists. Samples are collected in accordance with an approved protocol.

Low Capital and Operations Cost: Capital cost is less than $11,000, excluding consumables. Does not require use of sophisticated equipment or highly trained personnel.

Field or Laboratory Deployable: BeFinder  can be used in the field to provide immediate results. The rapid nature of the test and its simplicity of use make it ideal for beryllium “housekeeping” or analyzing samples quickly and inexpensively.

Specific: BeFinder is specific to beryllium and avoids interferences with other elements.

Accurate and Non-Destructive: BeFinder is accurate and shown to correlate well with other techniques. Since a small fraction of the sample is consumed in the test, almost all of the residual sample may be retained for archival purposes or running additional tests.

Sensitive: The test can be used to quantify from 0.005 micrograms on the media. This meets all known regulatory requirements for wipes and air.

Less Hazardous Chemicals and Waste: The chemicals used are lower in toxicity and in smaller amount.