BeFinder is an optical fluorescence method of detecting beryllium. Beryllium from the sample is dissolved in aqueous ammonium bifluoride to which a dye solution is added and the fluorescence measured.

Included in the terms of purchase of this product is a limited license from Beryliiant Inc for its use to detect beryllium using the technology owned by Berylliant. Further, the technology rights from Berylliant Inc under this license are only conveyed when the fluorescence detection hardware is purchased from Berylliant Inc. or its appointed agent. The technology from Berylliant is covered under several patents and pending patents, a list of which can be obtained from Berylliant Inc.


Detection Solution MSDS
Dissolution Solution MSDS
Beryllium Standards (0, 10, 40, 200 and 800ppb) MSDS



Portable System

  • Low capital cost (~ $13,000)                               
  • Field or laboratory deployable
  • Rapid turnaround -results within one hour (excluding bulk soil samples)
  • Throughput up to 32 samples/90 minutes
  • Suitable for high fired beryllium oxide and beryllium metal
  • Beryllium specific (other metals do not interfere)
  • Quantification from 0.005µg
  • Uses only a fraction of material collected, allowing verification
  • Chemicals are easy to transport and dispose
  • Does not require highly trained lab personnel

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