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Berylliant provides materials, equipment and technology for quantitative determination of beryllium by optical fluorescence in wipes, air sampling media and bulk. The procedures used are approved by NIOSH (adopted by OSHA) and ASTM. Laboratories can be accredited for these procedures by AIHA. Optical fluorescence methods meet or exceed detection limits required for meeting 10CFR850, ACGIH, OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.

Included in the terms of purchase of this product is a limited license from Beryliiant Inc for its use to detect beryllium using the technology owned by Berylliant. Further, the technology rights from Berylliant Inc under this license are only conveyed when the fluorescence detection hardware is purchased from Berylliant Inc. or its appointed agent. The technology from Berylliant is covered under several patents and pending patents, a list of which can be obtained from Berylliant Inc.

Recent News

Another new US patent is awarded to Berylliant Inc: Patent number 8,450,117.

This patent teaches an improved method of determining beryllium or a beryllium compound by optical fluorescence. This patent discloses sample preparation methods, particularly for refractory beryllium materials such as high fired beryllium oxide. The patent also discloses means to improve the detection limit of beryllium in the samples by use of filters with specific optical characteristics.